1. Good neighbors vs. bad neighbors the effect on your home price

    Selling of a house involves a lot of factors. These factors directly or indirectly have a great influence on the selling price of your house and one among them is depends on your neighbors. Well yes you heard it right; your neighbors do have an influence on the selling price of your house. The good neighbor enhances the price of your house but the bad neighbor does the exa…Read More

  2. The real cost and true value of home maintenance.

    The need for maintenance The aspect of home maintenance plays a very important role when you set out to sell your house and expect to fetch a good price. A buyer always looks forward to have that house which is nicely maintained and it is needless to say that also having a good maintained house will increase the value of your property to a great level. However, the questio…Read More

  3. Why Cash is Fuelling Quick Selling of Houses in Brooklyn

    You may have heard about the all cash buy policies in the real estate. For those of you who haven’t, well there is a new kind of buying procedure wherein your house, land or building is bought by cash and not subject to mortgage like in a traditional real estate sale. Now, many of you who have heard also do not have a clear idea about how exactly the system works. Does a…Read More

  4. The cost of making my home selling worthy

     Looks matterAre you looking forward to sale your house? Then the first thing you need to keep in mind that your house should be beautiful, visually. It is true that house is just a shelter but in the modern world the meaning of house is much more than that. When you are selling your house then your buyer will want a house which looks beautiful and stunning. This will fet…Read More