How does the process work?

If you’re wondering “How can I sell my house fast?” you’ve come to the right place! We take cash for houses, and make it easy and fast to get a free cash offer for your real estate property; you can call us at (855) 462-5522 or simply fill out the “get cash offer now” form. The information will be encrypted and sent to our office; shortly after, we will contact you to arrange a time to view your property in person, and we will evaluate the condition of the property, answer all of your questions and submit the cash offer. You can accept the offer on the spot or take some time to think about it. Once you accept our cash offer, we’ll schedule the closing date at a time that is convenient for you.

How do you determine the price you will offer for my property?

We will do our homework previous to our meeting. We take a variety of factors into consideration before submitting a cash offer for your real estate property, so you can be assured that once you accept our offer we will have your property sold to us within the time frame agree.

Do you charge fees to make a cash offer for my real estate property?

Absolutely not! It is free to get a cash offer from us, there are no charges involved, no hidden fees or any other fees.

When submitting the “Get cash offer now” form containing information about the property I want to sell, am I obligated to you in any way?

You are under NO obligation whatsoever to us when submitting the “get cash offer now” form; there are no papers to sign, or on premises applications to be filled.

How do I make sure my information submitted thru GoAllCash.com is safe?

Unlike others that may trade your information or solicit it to third parties, GoAllCash.com is committed to the highest standards of confidentially in the real estate industry. We are not trading or selling your information to any third party, such as real estate agents, brokers, investors or anywhere else. WE ARE THE ACTUAL BUYERS and your information is safe with us.

Do I need to hire a real estate broker to sell my property to you?

Not at all, it is not necessary to hire or pay a real estate broker to sell your property to us. All you need is to hire a real estate attorney to issue the contract and represent you at closing.

Once I accept your cash offer, how quick you can close the deal?

Once you accept our cash offer from our home buyers and the contract has been signed by both parties, we are ready to close with a short sale within seven to ten business days. Or if you need more time to plan your move, just let us know and we will work around your schedule; we are fast and flexible at the same time.

I am facing foreclosure; can you still buy my property?

Yes we can, but it depends on the situation itself, remember that your lender (the bank) is involved and the deal may need to be approved by the lender. In this case, we recommend you call us immediately or fill out the foreclosure form so we can review and get a better understanding of the situation. One of our foreclosure specialists will contact you and provide the best solution based on the information you provided, the law and your rights.

Are you buying occupied buildings?

It’s case by case, but in most cases YES, we need more information on leases, rent stabilized or rent control tenants; once the information is submitted we will be able to make a decision on the spot.

Are you buying gifted or inherited properties?

YES, we are very experienced in buying gifted and inherited properties; our real estate attorney will work closely with the estate or your attorney to complete the transaction in the minimum time needed and as smooth as possible.

Are you buying vacant land?

Yes, we buy vacant land any size and any zoning.

What other types of real estate you interesting in buying?

We buy almost any type of real estate, such as: single family homes, multifamily homes, shops mixed use buildings, commercial buildings, gas stations, manufacturers and vacant land.

How are you different from real estate brokers?

Real estate brokers will “list” your property (usually for six month) and then look for buyers in few ways, like: Advertising, Open Houses, Co broking, etc. then the buyer they find have to submit a counter offer to be considered by you. Once you accept the offer, then the buyer has to go to the bank and apply for a mortgage; if the buyer is qualified and has all the documents required (and the right credit score) by the lender, he will send an appraisal to evaluate your property and so on (and on and on).

GoAllCash.com are not brokers, we are real estate cash buyers; were not listing your property or looking for buyers simply because WE ARE THE BUYERS! And we’re in no need of an appraisal or mortgage simply because we are using our own capital to purchase your property.

Are you paying a finder’s fee for off market and non-listed properties?

Yes, we pay a finder’s fee to people who find off market and non-listed real estate properties for us. If you know anyone who needs to sell their property fast without paying broker fees and spending money on fixing, upgrading and renovating, you more than welcome to provide us with the property information. We will do our due diligence and provide a cash offer. Once it’s accepted by the property owner and a contract has been sent to our attorney, we will sign finder’s fee agreement with you and pay you at closing.