Selling of a house involves a lot of factors. These factors directly or indirectly have a great influence on the selling price of your house and one among them is depends on your neighbors. Well yes you heard it right; your neighbors do have an influence on the selling price of your house. The good neighbor enhances the price of your house but the bad neighbor does the exact opposite. Do you want to know how?

Noise hurts

Will you want to live beside someone who is noisy? Who playing loud music and makes all kinds of sounds all day long and also at night which puts a big dent in your peace? No, right? So, just think if your neighbors are noisy will the buyers of your house want to stay beside them? The answer is no again. However, the neighbors who are quite and don’t create unnecessary disturbances are always considered to be great and thus your buyer will also love to stay beside them when you sell the house.

The basic beauty

When you have good neighbors then you will see that they always keep their lawns tidy and clean as well as their front and back yard. They may or may not have a garden but it is sure that they will not have something which looks bad. Moreover, the will also ensure that the matter of garbage is taken proper care of. Now, just think that if it is bad neighbor then what the picture will be? Well, total opposite. The lawn will be looking bad and the garbage will be scattered. Now, will you be willing to pay a good price for a house beside that? We don’t think you will, so why will your buyer?

The forecast for foreclosure

Well when we tell you about the ‘bad neighbors’ then they doesn’t mean only the people staying beside you. It is your whole neighborhood community. When there is an increase in the number of foreclosure on your neighborhood then that can be a major cause of a downfall in the selling price of your house. The foreclosure of your neighbor may create big number of short sales which will drag home prices down.

The behavior of the neighbors

Well it may seem like a common aspect to have neighbor who are simply an annoyance but bad news for you as that can have a great dent in your desired price. No one wants to leave in a surrounding which is not peaceful and thus having neighbors who are troublesome can bring down the price of your house to a great level.

The bad neighbor hurts

The bad neighbors or rather having a bad neighborhood can prove to be a serious problem while you set out to sell your house. On the contrast a good neighborhood no doubt enhances the price of your house to a great extent and helps you in getting your desirable price.


The other issues

If your house is located near such an area which has industrial establishment then that can prove to be a big cause for falling in the selling price of your house. This is because no one wants to leave near to such a place which has the potential to spread pollution and busy with traffic. That is why this condition will also be considered as a ‘bad neighbor’ for your house.

Wrapping up

Now, if you are staying in a bad neighborhood and are concerned that you will not get the proper price for your house then do not be worried as we at the largest Brooklyn home buyers group are here to even help you out with that.