Well, I needed to sell my home fast, my family was getting bigger and we just needed a bigger place for us all. While there are many options when it comes to selling a home the most common way to do it is to get a real estate broker to sell your home. There’s so much paperwork and waiting involved in this process. Then it could still take many months to get the home sold and there isn’t any guarantee that the person that submits an offer can or will be able to complete the purchase. So if you want to get rid of your home fast the common tradition way of selling your home thru real estate broker isn’t going to allow that to happen.

Well, I wanted my home sold at the best price that I could get. I really didn’t want to deal with real estate brokers and over motivated real estate agents, and all that hassle of getting my home sold (open house, fixing, cleaning, upgrading or renovating). Selling a home can be a very long exhausting and frustrating process (trust me I know, this is my third home). When you have kids, and you’re also trying to move this can be the most stressful time of your life. So, I wanted to find out all the options that were available and could make the sale of my home the easiest situation that I could put myself in. So I decided to do some research on all cash deals. I went online and discovered www.GoAllCash.com. I was so excited when I found out what they can do for me. They are a company that will buy your home quick.

When you’re selling any property the best deal for the buyer and seller is an all cash deal. Why? One reason is because the buyer doesn’t have to take on a mortgage and pay the initial and interest rate for the next twenty to thirty years. The seller saving the broker’s fee and save lots of time and headache. There’s no need to involve banks, appraisal, no six month exclusive listing, and these types of real estate transactions get closed the quickest. This was exactly what I was looking for. I mean, six months of an exclusive listing with a broker? Dealing with over motivated agents? Letting strangers walking to my bedroom my kitchen my bath on my free weekends and then discovered they weren’t qualified for a mortgage. I wanted to be gone in thirty days. We had already bought our house (fully renovated huge beautiful two family home in one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn New York). We were ready to get all this done, and move on with our lives.

So, when I discovered www.GoAllCash.com I thought to myself this is the best solution to my problem. This definitely satisfies my needs. Why? The reason why I chose to sell my house to the cash buyers of GoAllCash.com is simply because their cash offer was very fair and answer all of my questions (my wife was so happy with the offer she almost say yes on the spot…). So once we submitted the cash offer form on their website they called me the same day.  We set time for them to view our home and at the end of the meeting they made me an all cash offer based on the condition of our house and the market value. One day later I called them and accept their offer and ask them to email me their attorney information, after we signed the contract our attorney told us they are ready to close same week. The house was sold. How convenient and relieving is that. GoAllCash offers all the benefits of an all cash deal with the added benefit of not having to wait for a qualified buyer. They can close on your property within the time frame that the both of you agree on. This is the best benefit of a real estate cash deal that you can get.

This company buy houses, land, commercial properties, and other types of real estate that you might want to sell (they also specialized in buying gifted and inherited real estate properties as well) . This is the best way to sell your property. All of the benefits of a real estate cash deal without any of the hassle. I must say that I was extremely lucky to find www.GoAllCash.com when I needed to sell my home. I got my home sold quickly and without any aggravation or hassle.